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WOLF ACHIEVEMENTS,  Posted - JAN 9, 2006


Pack 3303


Parental and Familial Achievement Requirements for Progression of Rank


I.  Prelude

    -  Please note that the following list of parental and familial requirements, are a guide

        only and that the Den leader, on his or her own accord, may decide to pursue

        completion of any of these achievements at a Den level.  If this decision is made,

        you will be made aware of such decision and that you will not need to complete said

        achievement on your own.  Also let it be known that these achievements list

        requirements that too are only suggestions.  Often times a scout will perform a task

        not listed as one of the requirements for an achievement, but the task may be

        counted towards it.  The determination of whether or not a specific task performed

        qualifies toward any given achievement, is left entirely up to the discretion of the

        scouts respective Den Leader.


II. Parental / Familial Achievements for Rank of Wolf



1.     Achievement 3: “Keep Your Body Healthy”

-       The Scout must complete all 3 requirements for credit toward rank progression.


2.     Achievement 6: “Know your Home and Community”

-       The Scout must complete all 3 requirements for credit toward rank progression.


3.     Achievement 8“Cooking and Eating”

-       The Scout must complete all 5 requirements for credit toward rank progression.


4.     Achievement 9“Being Safe at Home and on the Street”

-       The Scout must complete all 5 requirements for credit toward rank progression.


5.     Achievement 10“Family Fun”

-       The Scout must complete requirement 10a and any one requirement from 10b thru 10g for credit towards rank progression


6.     Achievement 11“Duty to God”

-       The Scout must complete all 4 requirements for credit toward rank progression.




7.     Achievement 12“Making Choices”

-       The Scout must complete requirement 12a and any 4 requirements from 12b thru 12k for credit toward rank progression.



III. Progress towards rank:

-       Scouts work very diligently and put a lot of time into achieving their ranks.  However, often the scout may feel as if their efforts are going unnoticed.  This is where the “Progress toward rank” emblem and beads come into play.  When a scout achieves his first 10 achievements he will receive a diamond shaped emblem with his first of four gold beads indicating that he has achieved the three of his required 12 achievements toward the rank of “Wolf Scout”.  For every three achievements he completes he will receive another gold bead until he has four then he has officially achieved the rank of Wolf.  He then can start working on his Arrow Point Trail if he desires.


IV. Arrow Point Trail:

-       The “Arrow Point Trail” can also be thought of as the “Elective Trail”.  This is where we can give more decision making to the scout, and he can decide for himself what tasks he wants to try and complete, with your assistance of course. These are NOT requirements for the Scouts progression toward rank!!  He will earn gold arrow point after he has successfully completed 10 electives to wear below his Wolf badge and for every 10 electives completed after that he will earn a silver arrow point to wear below his gold arrow point.


Word Version of the Above


It was a beautiful day for a Den Meeting at the park.  If you were unable to attend, please contact Maria or Gretchen for specifics. 


If you came to the Wolf Den Meeting, your son satisfied the requirements for the following achievements:

          Achievements 1a, 1b, 1c, 1d, 1e, 1g (p39-42)

          Elective 4f (p131)

          Elective 20k (p214)

          Bobcat Badge

          Soccer Beltloop

Please update their handbooks, and we will award the Bobcat Badge and Soccer Beltloop at the next Pack Meeting.



(please practice at home)


(start in a medium voice)

We’re the Wolves.  We couldn’t be prouder.

If you can’t hear us, we’ll yell a little louder.


(shout a little louder)

We’re the Wolves.  We couldn’t be prouder.

If you can’t hear us, we’ll yell a little louder.


(shout really loud for the end)

We’re the Wolves.  We couldn’t be prouder.

If you can’t hear us, tough!!



Wolf Cub Homework – October 9, 2005

(Due next Den Meeting, November 6th), Chapel Community Room


  1.  Make a chart and keep track of your health habits for two weeks (p 57)           Bring your chart to share with our den. 


  1. Make a collection of anything you like.  Start with 10 things and put them together in a neat way.  Bring your collection to share with our den (p71-73)


  1. Do requirement 12a on page 101.  Do FOUR of the requirements on pages 102-106.


Remember to bring your handbooks to every meeting.  Wear uniforms.  Next Pack Meeting Oct 23rd.




Wolf Cubs, Covington Elementary

Upcoming Activities & Meetings


Please expect some additions to meeting details.  We are still doing some planning at the Pack level and want to participate in the Pack themes as well as our own activities.


Sept. 18 – Den Meeting

Johnny Appleseed Festival, 2005 Cub Scout Scavenger Hunt


            Wolf Cub requirements:  1.   Review the Cub Scout handshake

2.     Review the Cub Scout salute

3.     Review the Cub Scout sign and discuss what it means


2005 Johnny Appleseed Scavenger Hunt


Remember, all wolf cubs in each group need to work together to complete the Scavenger Hunt.  The group Akela is in charge of signing off for each item on the list. 

 _____  1.  Find the Spinners using spinning wheels.  What type of wool do the spinners use?  Where do they get their wool?

_____  2.  Find a Blacksmith working at his fire.  What does he make?

_____  3.  Why are there different colors of honey?

_____  4.  How is soap made? 

_____  5.  What type of home did the Native Americans in this area live in?

_____  6.  Listen to a story told by a member of the Miami Tribe in the Native American Village.  What does the color yellow symbolize to the Miami Tribe?

_____  7.  Find a hand-made dulcimer and watch it being played.

 _____  8. What vegetable supposedly keeps away the bees?  (Ask someone at the Farmer’s Market)

_____  9. A mob cap was a type of hat worn by servants in the 1800’s.  Find a woman wearing a mob cap. 

_____  10.  Breeches are short pants made of cotton, linen, or leather.  They have gussets in the back.  Find a man wearing breeches and find out what the gussets are for.

_____  11.  Name a tune being played by a traveling band.

_____  12.  What ingredients are used in making chicken chowder?

_____  13.  Find Johnny Appleseed walking around the park.  What was Johnny Appleseed’s real name?  Did he really wear a pan on his head?

_____  14.  BONUS!  2 POINTS.  Try a food that was eaten in the 1800’s


Sept. 25 – Pack Meeting/Den Meeting

          Buckner Park – Bass Road

 At home with Akela

Wolf Cub requirements:     

1.   Memorize the Cub Scout Promise and recite to a Leader (p 17) 

2.     Memorize the Cub Scout Motto and recite to a Leader (p 24)

All boys are required to bring their Wolf Cub Handbook



Oct. 9 – Den Meeting

          Location to be determined


At home with Akela

Wolf Cub requirements: 

1.   Explain to a Leader what WeBeLos means (p 21)

2.     Complete the Child Protection Exercises with a parent at home before this meeting (p 26)

3.     Memorize the Law Of The Pack and explain to a Leader what it means.



 Meeting themes:  Outdoor Safety, Camping Safety

We will be earning the Soccer Beltloop at this meeting.

 Boys do not have to wear their uniform.






Wolf Cubs, Covington Elementary

Important Parent Information


Guidelines for Wolves

(please go over applicable guidelines with your cub scout)


Handshake:  Whenever the boys greet each other for the first time at meetings and events, we would like them to use the Cub Scout handshake.  This gesture supports the values of the Law of the Pack and is respectful.  It also establishes the high-quality habit for boys to shake the hand of another as a way of a greeting, and that has been a gentlemen’s gesture for decades.

Cub Scout Sign:  When a Leader/Akela in charge of an activity gives the Cub Scout Sign (the “V” in the air represents a wolf’s ears and means: “to help other people” and “to obey”), the Wolf Cub is expected to become quiet and give attention to directions immediately. 

Wolf Handbook:  We will be placing the responsibility of earning the Wolf Cub badge and Arrow Points with the Cub Scouts.  The handbook is written on a 2nd Grade level, so the boys should be able to read most of the achievements and elective requirements on their own.  We are hoping this will encourage the boys to make plans and think of how they can achieve their personal goals.  (Many activities will require parent support and guidance.)   

Uniform:  We will ask that your Wolf Cub be in his uniform at all Cub Scout Meetings and events.  This will also give many opportunities to show off the badges and pins the boys are working hard to earn.  Exceptions will be when we are planning a sporting event that could damage his shirt or patches.  We will make a notation when the uniform is not required.

Website:  We will post all information, requirements, and notices at the Pack 3303 website. ( This will be a consistent resource, and will eliminate missed information during times of absence.  Please check the website regularly because September will be the last month for paper communication.     

We know the boys are going to have fun and be excited to be with each other and we also feel they have matured in the past year and are capable of making responsible decisions.  We are going to hold them accountable for their behavior at all meetings.  A temporary removal from the fun activities will be the consequence for a Wolf Cub who has continual trouble staying respectful to friends and adults.  He will be given some time to reflect on his behavior, and a Leader will speak with him privately.  We hope this positive approach will help all the boys make good choices.

If you have any questions, please call at any time.

Gretchen Davenport 625.6020 or Maria Rittenhouse 625.6225   





Dear Wolf Cub Families,

Here is an update of what is going on with our Den.  Maria and I made the calendar for the year with most months only having two scheduled meetings.  We may have other events or activities depending on the season.  All dates are subject to change due to weather.

Sept 18 - First Wolf den mtg, 3pm                            Feb. 12 – Wolf den mtg.

Sept 25 - Pack mtg.                                                     Feb. 26 – Pack mtg

Oct. 9 - Wolf den mtg, 3pm                                        Mar. 12 – Wolf den mtg

Oct. 23 - Pack mtg.                                                      Mar. 26 – Pack mtg

Nov. 6 - Wolf den mtg, 3pm                                        Apr. 16 – Wolf den mtg

Nov. 20 - Pack Meeting                                                Apr. 30 – Pack mtg

Dec. 4 - Wolf den mtg                                                 May 7 – Wolf den mtg

Dec. 18 - Pack mtg.                                                       May 21 – Pack mtg

Jan. 15 - Wolf den mtg

Jan 29 - Pack mtg - pinewood derby


We will plan for most of our den meetings to be on Sunday afternoon, typically around 3PM so you can get home for a family dinner.  The Pack Meetings are also on Sunday afternoons.  We have avoided holiday weekends to encourage your attendance.

We will have a parent sign-up at the Den Meeting on Oct. 9th.  This is where you will sign-up for the one activity this year you would like to plan.  Since parent attendance is not required this year, we will ask one or two of you to help with activities at meetings when needed.  Remember, parents are always welcome to attend all meetings.  We encourage you to attend whenever possible. 



This year, boys will be required to wear uniforms at all events so please make sure they are current.  To update your uniform, please add the yellow wolf cap, the wolf belt buckle, and replace the last “3” in our Pack Number on the sleeve.  We are now Pack 3303.  Hopefully your blue shirts still fit from last year, and we have already purchased the yellow neckerchiefs and slides.  Official scout shorts and pants are not required.

All boys need to have the new Wolf Cub handbook by the Sept. 25th Pack Meeting.  We will be going over the book with the boys and encouraging them to be responsible for earning the awards, pins, and badges.


Registration is due this week

You can send your registration form and check to Maria Rittenhouse or Gretchen Davenport in a sealed envelope via school.  If you have any questions, please call us at 625.6020 (Gretchen) or 625.6225 (Maria).  The fee for the year is $95 ($58.50 due now, $36.50 due in January).  A bonus this year!  Popcorn sales will directly benefit your son.  If your son makes $200 profit from selling popcorn, you will be reimbursed for the $95 fee, and the remaining $105 can go to camp, other scout activities, or next year’s fees.  Your son’s account will stay with him throughout boy scouts.


Sunday’s Meeting has changed!

We will be meeting at the Johnny Appleseed Festival at 2PM.  The boys will be involved in a Scavenger Hunt throughout the festival that will be fun as well as educational.  Families are welcome!

Please plan on meeting near the First Aid Station at the black star (map attached).  We will give out the Scavenger Hunts after a brief meeting.   There is no admission fee, but probably some type of parking fee.  The park is stroller friendly most of the time.  No pets are allowed this year, however.  Please go to the Johnny Appleseed website if you need more information:

We are expecting the day to be around 80 degrees, so please bring water.


RSVP to one of us as soon as you know you will attend.  The number of boys will determine how we do the Scavenger Hunt.


If you have and concerns, or questions, please contact:

Gretchen Davenport, 625.6020 or

Maria Rittenhouse, 625.6225 or


We are so excited about this year! 

Gretchen & Maria